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Mark’s years of experience has given me invaluable advice, his attention to detail and technical expertise has informed our thinking and created space to inform our strategic vision.
— Dan Bates - Chief Executive, Sheffield Theatres
Excellent at grasping situations, bringing a cool analytical head to difficult managerial issues.
— Beverley Rice - head of Libraries, leeds Library Service

Mark Hollander is a creative consultant working within the arts, cultural and business sectors. With over 25 years’ experience, Mark applies his knowledge using creative techniques to achieve practical outcomes.

Why use Mark’s services?

Mark’s reputation for calm, considered advice, his ability to make incisive observations and his energy and inspiration in workshop and training environments is fundamental to his relationship within the arts, cultural and business sectors.

If your organisation lacks the capacity to develop its operation, train staff and teams or to resolve critical issues alone then Mark is able to bring a breadth of experience and expertise that can make a practical and lasting difference to your company. His view is that a good consultant needs to have:

Curiosity, intelligence and great communication skills; the ability to think on their feet, strong emotional intelligence and the ability to solve problems.

Arts & Culture

Mark has worked on the senior management team of Arts Council England, Yorkshire and has extensive experience of arts practise including working as Executive Director of an award winning national touring theatre company. The combination of these areas of work means that Mark has valuable knowledge of the political and policy landscape alongside direct experience of management and delivery. This enables him to help organisations position themselves to bring optimum opportunities and deliver maximum value.

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Mark has delivered on-site training within the business sector, installing software and teaching staff to use and practically apply associated packages and teaching English on-site in businesses in Barcelona, Spain. His ability to fully engage participants, sustain staff interest and motivation and to ensure training delivers practical outcomes for clients, has led to consistent positive feedback. 

From a creative background Mark is able to bring together his knowledge of the arts with his experience of business environments and his expertise in live performance to offer training in public speaking and presentation skills redesigning well-established techniques from the arts sector for application within a corporate, business environment.

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